Q: Who should use ceramic coatings?

A: If it rolls, floats, glides or flies, use EA! Cars, trucks, motorcycles, restoration work, ATV's, water craft, snowmobiles all benefit from our coating.

Q: What does the finish look like?

A: EA 2000P has the same brilliant shine as highly polished aluminum.

Q: How much cooler will my temperature be?

A: This can vary. Typically surface temperatures will drop as much as 25%, but independent tests report as much as 300 degrees.

Q: How much more power will I get?

A: by increasing exhaust velocity and cylinder scavenging, gains can be up to 3% or more.

Q: What kind of guarantee do I get?

A: Coatings are guaranteed 1 year for workmanship.

Q: How long will it take?

A: This can vary. Most header orders can be done in 3 work days (Chrome removal and other conditions can add to this).

Q: How do I get my parts to you?

A: Customers can use any convenient shipper, typically UPS or FedEX, we can assist you with correct shipping information.

Q: Can used parts be coated?

A: Absolutely! Old or new parts can be coated and all get the 1 year guarantee.

Q: Do I have to remove any old finish?

A: No. EA cleans and prepares your parts (Chrome removal has an extra fee and we do not grind, smooth or repair parts).

Q: Will EA chip?

A: EA coatings are very durable and will take extreme punishment without damaging the finish.

Q: What else does EA coat?

A: Oil pans, intake manifolds, valve covers, suspension parts and more. Contact us with your list.

Q: Where is EA located at and how do I get there?

A: To get address and directions to EA click here.



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